Sunday, August 22, 2010

Ryan turns 1!

So we celebrated Ryan's first birthday a week and a half ago. It was really funny because the big kids had such high expectations for his birthday, and of course, to Ryan, it was just another day. They were hugging and loving on him all day, and going out of their way to play with him and keep him happy since it was his big day!

We started the morning by opening a few presents that his Nana and Papa Cowley had sent. Let me tell you, they were right on the money with the stuffed bear "Cashew" they sent. Ryan couldn't stop hugging and kissing it after he opened it. He wasn't interested in opening any of his other presents after he opened Cashew either! So we actually waited until after cake and ice cream that night to open the rest of his presents.
(I love the double chin he has in this picture! I just makes me want to squeeze and kiss him all over!)
After a busy day of errands, we came home to make cupcakes. Well, sorry for Ryan, we forgot to get eggs while we were out. It was late and everyone was starting to get a little irritable, and we hadn't done birthday dinner or cake and ice cream, so we looked up online that you could use extra milk as a substitute for eggs and we tried that for the cupcakes. Unfortunately, we were misinformed. The cupcakes turned out concave, and mushy inside. But luckily for us, none of the kids even noticed or cared. I guess a treat is a treat right?

Well, Ryan was cranky by the time dinner was done and cake was ready, and he didn't understand the flame on his candle. We
wouldn't get it close enough to him to touch, so he pretty much looks grumpy and or terrified in all the pictures until the candle is taken off the cupcake.
Once the candle was gone, he was happy to get down to business and dove into his cupcake and ice cream. Compared to the other kids' first birthday messy face pictures, he actually stayed pretty clean.

Overall, it was a great relaxing day with the family! Days like that always remind me how lucky I am to be the mother of these four amazing kids! Happy Birthday Ryan, thanks for being my kid! You really are a VIP in our family!


Wayne & Ann Cowley said...

He's so cute! Looks like he enjoyed his cake and ice cream! He also looks like he has a mustache in a few of those pictures. I'm so happy he liked his bear.

Love from Grandma Cowley

Jed said...


Keith said...

What a good looking group of kids.

Holly said...

He is gigantic!!! I can't believe he's 1!
I have tried to call you several times the past couple of months but I guess I have the wrong phone number. Please call me! I miss you!
Love Holly

Keith said...

Did you guys forget about your blog? I love the family picture at the top. What is Jared looking at?